Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Two Days Later

I was just watching Colbert, and one of his jokes was him saying in a serious tone: "It may be weeks before we are able to restore the urine smell to New York City subways" and then called on all NYC drunks to "release your strategic urine reserves in the subway."

And speaking of which, I read today that no one has seen a mass exodus of rats from the subway tunnels so the feeling is a whole lot of rats drowned so maybe that's one of the few silver linings of Sandy. Reduced the rat population.

As for me, life is good. My phone is still screwed up, but I can certainly live with that for now. My cable went out again for a time today.

My cleaning woman comes tomorrow and I had to pick up and make dinner and didn't want to do both so I thought I'm ordering from Gracie's (diner on corner). Certainly they'll be up and running -- and sure enough, 15 minutes later (in which time I quickly picked up) my cheeseburger and baked potato arrived, delivered by a very articulate man, as opposed to the usual delivery guy. I had some candy and after I paid I said to him, "I believe you are dressed for Halloween as a relative of the Gracie folks who has been pressed into service" and he laughed and said yes and I gave him some candy which he immediately started eating. I also tipped as if he were a normal delivery guy. I used to worry about that -- but no more.

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