Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Problem Resolution (1 of 2)

Just heard from the reading glasses place. I have to say I really like the answer which is:

That was a mistake on both the part of our warehouse AND myself as I was the person who processed your order. We simply forgot to enclose the case.
Debby expects another batch of these rap color cases to arrive today or tomorrow some time. I’ll send it to you as soon as it arrives.

Sorry about that!

Customer Service Manager

I like it because it's clearly from a human being. I like it because it's personal to me, not a form letter. I like it because they admit they made a mistake. I like it because I feel as if I am being told the truth. So I will now fully endorse: Debby Burk Opticals at If you want/need reading glasses, especially fun ones, this is the place, and it's cheaper than the drug store. Of course, I also like it because I'm getting my free glasses case!

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