Monday, October 22, 2012


What does $100 buy? That used to be a big amount of money -- in fact, that amount as a wedding gift was lavish back in the day.

For many years, my weekly grocery bill stayed under that amount, but no more. When it goes over that amount, I look and see what I could do without. Of course, there are things -- I could live without pickles, for example, but then I think, "Really? I can't buy a $3.89 jar of pickles?"

So today I received my two new bras and five pairs of cotton granny panties. Everything was on sale and I got free shipping and yet this was just a dollar or two under $100. Ok, so two bras and five underpants for $100 doesn't sound that bad, but when I look at these things, lying on my bed, still in the package, it sure doesn't look like $100 to me.

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Barbara said...

I agree with you - I cannot believe how much underwear costs!