Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pro Flowers

A friend sent me flowers for my birthday last week from Pro Flowers. This is an overnight delivery. The package arrived at 7 pm and when I opened the box, I have to say I winced. This was really a pitiful looking assortment of flowers. It made me angry that my friend spent good money and this is what I got.

I debated telling him, but then decided it would only hurt his feelings so I just thanked him. As it turned out, the flowers were so pitiful looking because they send blooms which are unopened. I have enjoyed these flowers for one week and one day. I changed the water on Sunday and threw out about 1/3 of the flowers, downgraded to a small container. Here's how they look, and I think I will change the water again, maybe get rid of a stem or two and I think I could have them for another few days.

So which is better? A bouquet that looks amazing on delivery? Or a bouquet that looks bad on delivery but lasts a long time?


Anonymous said...

My choice, the ones that last longer. I love watching them bloom. Stephanie

Melissa said...

I'm with Stephanie.. Endurance!