Thursday, October 25, 2012

(More than Just) A Little Bit Jealous

When a colleague told me today that he was visiting his mother in her assisted living place and then taking her to Red Lobster, of course I had to say how much I loved Red Lobster. I told him to have a cheese biscuit for me. Later I was thinking the healthiest way to eat cheese biscuits is by having someone else eat one for you... but just now, he has kept his promise and I got this from his cell phone. Now I am really jealous... and it's the shrimp festival too!

I must confess that my mouth is actually watering looking at this -- now we need some nice soft butter to half melt on it... pop it in your mouth as you wait for your shrimp to arrive... ah, heaven. By the way I own stock in Darden (the parent company of Red Lobster.) Hey, is that clam chowder I see behind the biscuits?

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Melissa said...

I'm jealous too,! Yum yum!