Saturday, October 27, 2012

Now THIS made me laugh...

I mentioned how Mayor Bloomberg tries to speak Spanish to show... uh... uh... how inclusive he is? Someone just retweeted (for non-Twitter people, that's like forwarding an email, but you forward a tweet) this from a Twitter account someone started to make fun of his Spanish. The person is Miguel Bloombito and his Twitter "handle" (to date myself back to CB days!) is El Bloombito. I swear this is pretty close to what he sounds like.

Yo soy will givero update de hurricaƱo at el 6pm. Por favor no que panicking until despues los announcemento.

Here are some others, and I am now following El Bloombito. I find these hilarious, and if you ever heard him trying to speak Spanish, you'd share my glee:

Sorryo yo soy late to mi conferencero prensa. Mi chauffeur esta stucko on el FDR

Don't worryando if su forgot to que buy comprar supplies para el hurricaƱo. Que sendo out tu butlero con un umbrella y un kayako

Get off el twittero! Packo su Vamos Bag! Andale!

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