Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Birthday Lunch Feast

I didn't make it in time for my planned Birthday Waffle Brunch, but I did substitute a Birthday Chinese Lunch Feast in its place. Here goes:

Lunch arrives. I like this place, called, appropriately enough "Our Place" becaue it is a restaurant opened by friends who all worked at various Chinese restaurants and decided to open their own place.

There is a certain organizational obsessiveness I've found with Asian restaurants, including this one of twisting the handles of the inner shopping bag so nothing can fall out.

First course: Egg Drop Soup with a pack of crispy noodles. My acai-blueberry-pomegranate vitamin water to drink and magazines to read.

Next course: Pot Stickers! Or pork dumplings, dipped in hot mustard and duck sauce.

Main Course: Sesame Chicken and brown rice.

Dessert: My birthday fortune cookie.

Not that great a fortune: "Trust him, but still keep your eyes open." I'm not sure who "him" is that I'm supposed to trust, but, in a way, that makes me kind of happy that I'm not celebrating my birthday while questioning the motives of some "him."

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Amy Laboda said...

Mmmm....your chicken looks great. I miss NYC Chinese. Where I used to live in the Bronx it was full of Chinese-Cuban restaurants. A curious mix that worked. Enjoy the afternoon : )