Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Musings

Had my monthly lunch with Barbara today, and I think we are not good for each other as we both love the routines we have. We go to a limited number of places, always the same, we order the same thing; she always orders first (although I could place the order for her since I know exactly what she wants) and then I order the same thing she does with modifications. For example, she wants coffee; I want Diet Coke. She wants rye toast; I want a toasted bagel.

I got there first and we also have certain tables we always sit at which were taken when I arrived. So I decided to stop being a creature of habit and sit at a table we don't normally sit at. I sat down, and then realized that people from one of our regular tables were leaving. As they were getting up, Barbara came in and I said I was waiting for these people to leave and I had at least tried to break one of our ruts. Barbara insisted it's a good thing we only sit at certain tables.

Anyway, the place was decorated for Halloween, and this was hanging above me:

Home again in a cab, and this is on Second Avenue which is, of course, a big mess. I feel bad for the small stores like this one which are trying to survive, but if it's too much hassle to get there, people are just not going to make the effort.

The usual view from my steps where I sat a while when I got home. It was alternately a sunny day and an overcast one so I thought I should take advantage of the sun while it was out.

Here are some birthday flowers I received -- day 4. You can see one droopy guy, but they're holding up. Tomorrow I'll change the water and get rid of the droopy ones and I think I'll get a few more days out of them.

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