Friday, October 26, 2012

Here Comes Sandy

Local media are having a field day scaring us all about Hurricane Sandy. Mayor Bloomburg was on TV mid-day with his emergency preparedness report -- all exterior construction stopped at 5 pm today; deciding when and if to evacuate people; deciding when and if to close the subways, all that sort of thing. I've heard this before, but the Mayor prides himself on being bilingual and he has the worst choppiest horrible Spanish accent that has to offend anyone whose first language is Spanish. It's almost a parody of someone trying to speak Spanish. I don't even know if you could give him credit for trying to be bilingual.

I have food, candles, a great lantern-style flashlight, some water, charged computers. I counted my cash and I have $120 which is certainly enough for a while, but could the ATMs go down for an extended period? I will charge my camera and cellphone tomorrow. Maybe get more groceries; maybe get more cash. I don't konw what to do in my garden. There is loose stuff out there, but it's really very protected. I guess I'll see what happens. One thing I might do is remove the glass top from the wrought iron table -- it just lifts off -- and bring that inside. That's about the only thing I would care about if it broke.

Marilyn, my helper, was supposed to come on Tuesday which right now is the worst day forecasted and I told her that I do NOT expect her to don a yellow fisherman's slicker and fight her way through a hurricane to come fold my laundry. I told her I had nothing urgent for her to do so we'll play that by ear.

I'll post some pictures if there's anything interesting going on here. I think the storm starts Sunday night.

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