Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wednesday Night

Getting the water turned on/Part 59

Finally got through to a human being and I got so angry my hands were shaking and my heart was pounding. This woman was curt, brusque, and started, 'What can I help you with' as if this were the first phone call I had made. She later claimed that she doesn't listen to voice mail. That's the comment that put me over the top. She puts me on hold for a few minutes and comes back to claim that the water is turned on and wanted to know when is the last time I checked it. I told her yesterday, although it was actually Monday when Ana was here.

I decided I did not want to go outside by myself in my angry state, navigating the steps, turning on the water, possibly slipping so will have Marilyn check who is coming tomorrow.

Meanwhile, my 12-year old niece called me tonight to tell me about this ghostly experience she has. They live in a house that goes back to the 1700s -- parts of it do -- and also borders an old cemetery. I listened to her story and then mentioned to her that I had sent her an email -- which her father answered.  I remember being told that the father gets copies of all emails. So she is very sweet, really, but said to me in the most patient voice, 'Aunt Pat, people of my generation don't respond to emails.'
She then told me that if I wanted a response I should text her, and she promises an answer within five seconds.

Meanwhile, her birthday is Friday where she becomes a real teenager. Plans call -- of course -- for a sleepover party where you stay up all night. I know;  I feel ancient -- can't think of anything worse that purposely staying up all night. Her twin brother is having a sleepover at another date and the boys are going to sleep outside.

One good thing is that my sister's children's birthdays are easy to remember -- the oldest girl, who will be 16 has a birthday of 12/12 and the twins' birthday is 6/6. Very convenient.

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mary said...

There is no excuse for a business ignoring voice mail
If they don't use it they should disable it.