Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Accomplishments and Gossip

Today was PT and I had my goal of going four buildings down the block -- as I said, I was adding a bit more each time. So I got down the steps, down the block, down to the fourth building and Steve said, "Go for one more" and I did. Then back up the block, back up the steps. I told him next time to the funeral home and he said, "No, next time to the barber shop." So the barber shop is about 20 steps away from the corner and the pizza place so I'm the tortoise slowly making it to the corner.

Today was officially his last visit. He's gotten two extensions and now will apply for a third. He has to submit a report on my progress to the insurace company where you have to show I'm making progress, but not so much that I don't need PT any more. He said he will say that I have to walk to the corner (and  he paces out the distance so he can say how far I've gone in feet) so that I can get to "medical appointments."

It's all such a game.

Meanwhile, Barbara came for dinner last night and we had the reverse of what we had last time where I had a cheeseburger and she had a BLT. Last night I had the BLT and she had the cheeseburger and we shared the fries.

Ok, so on to the gossip. Steve told me that where Food Emporium used to be (at 87th and Second) is going to be a ..... ta dah!!! a TRADER JOE'S. Oh, I hope that's true. Also a Whole Foods is going in on Third Avenue between 87th and 88th. Finally, and this is sort of sad, but the building which houses Gracie's is being torn down for a big apartment building but as I mentioned earlier, Gracie's bought the coffee shop on 86th and Second and calls it Gracie's on Second.

Steve told me that Food Emporium still had the shelves and the cashiers in it, but today the store in entirely empty so whatever is coming is coming soon.

I have to say I will feel bad when the original Gracie's is torn down. I've had many a scrambled egg in that place and had such good times with people there.

Anyway, it is hot town, summer in the city today -- in the 90s.


Melissa said...

Good newsy post today girlfriend! Sorry about Gracie's as I remember sharing a couple of good meals with you there! So proud of your progress, and hope Steve is able to stay with you!

fran said...

Oh of Old Gracie's demise brought a tear to my eye. Remember sitting at the table by the window with you devouring yummy food.nothing like a New York-Greek coffee shop. The DNA is special. But great you have Trader Joes and Whole Foods. Is Tony's coming back?

Pat said...

I think Tony's is open again... I do remember that dinner with you in Gracie's -- don't remember what we had for the meal, but I remember we had blueberry pie for dessert.

I also remember years ago going there with a man in the "morning after" and he loved coffee shop breakfast -- ordered fried eggs with all the fixing's and when it arrived, he stirred the whole plate up into a goulash. I was sort of grossed out by it, but damn, if it didn't look good!

Barbara said...

I'm crying over the loss of Gracie's on first also!