Monday, June 30, 2014

My Ongoing Beauty Makeover

I am slowly getting myself back into presentable shape. Hair is cut; still need to color. Today I got my first mani-pedi in months, along with waxing, including un-Andy Rooneying my eyebrows. It feels good to have a smooth face and shaped eyebrows.

The manicurist has a daughter in first grade and when she was here, there were little kids yelling outside, playing, and she said they are probably playing "zombies" which is all the rage. I guess one person pretends to be a zombie and scares the hell out of the others.

The other game her daughter plays is freeze tag -- which we played growing up as well. A game with logevity. How we played is the person who was "it" had to tag each other player and when you got tagged, you had to freeze in position like a statue and "it" had to turn everyone into a statue.

I have neglected shaving my legs, and that should be more of a priority. I would love to have a salt body scrub as I feel as if I have lots of dead skin cells to slough off, but I'll get to everything eventually.

A word about tipping: this woman is self-employed and in the good old days, you didn't tip the owner, but that has changed. I tipped her 20 percent and I have to say she was very grateful. She had reviewed the prices with me when I made the appointment so I had time to figure out the tip. I'm glad I did.


Amy Laboda said...

A salt scrub sounds divine!

Anonymous said...

For all of us who depend on tips to survive or atleast used to, a big hearty thanks. I must say that it is more prominentin N.Y. than here in Fl. People are so cheap here. I still over do it but I can't help myself. I am thrilled that you are doing so great.
That Chinese dinner sounds soooo good. I love crispy beef. I haven't tried Chinese or Mexican here. We ate in Cracker Barrel the other day and I thought of you with the chicken fried steak (I think that is what it is called). Danny loves that.
We have a bird that built a nest outside our front window on the top of our storm shutter and on the frame. It seems secure up there. It spent many days building it and now is awaiting the babies. I am mesmerized by it. I always thought the papa stood by watching and waiting and building the nest but there is only one bird and I think that the mama did all the work. I bet the papa flew off a long time ago and left the mama to fend for herself. That's prpbably how it is in the bird world!