Tuesday, June 24, 2014

PT for Tuesday

Steve came today and I went farther than I have ever down the block. It does feel good to be out in the world. He comes back on Friday and wants me to make it to the corner. We'll see.

On technology fronts, my TV/Cable crapped out yesterday so I have been TV-less for 24 hours. This is tough for a TV junkie like me. It sure is quiet, but I spent last night reading and I have to say I enjoy that as well. The Time Warner guy is coming tomorrow morning so hopefully I'll be back up and running then.

Cool day... well, a mild day -- sunny and in the high 70s... just plodding along doing work. Yesterday Ana went to Costco and bought me $100 worth of stuff -- I now have 30 rolls of toilet paper, some ungodly amount of paper towels, her giant size cleaning supplies, and my little treat was she bought a three-bottle package of Dove shower gel -- well, it's more like shower cream in this wonderful fresh cucumber scent. Enjoyed using it this morning in the shower. I have to laugh when I see the toilet paper. I think I'm set for the time being.

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