Wednesday, June 25, 2014


So my cable/tv goes out on Monday and I have to say that the withdrawal from TV was sort of pleasant -- not pleasant enough to do it more, but I enjoyed how quiet my apartment is -- It's something I always liked about my home -- in the midst of Manhattan, it's this very, very still and quiet refuge. I finished my James Patterson book; started another.

I became aware of how, when there is no TV, there is a certain freedom -- not cooking at a certain time because I want to watch a certain show -- so I enjoyed it. 

Here's my next book:

The main character is this nerdy woman who becomes obsessed with a woman who had been mean to her in college and this mean woman is now super successful, owning this lingerie company like Victoria's Secret, and hobnobbing with all the fashion world. So the main character is unemployed and starts stalking this woman -- just out of curiosity about her life.

One day she follows her into this trendy store and finds the successful woman bleeding and dead on the floor of the store. Next thing you know, our main character is visited with the police who have all this proof of her stalking the murder victim and thinks she did it. That's as far as I've gotten. It takes place in NYC and it's a light read, but I am enjoying it.

So back to cable. When I called Time Warner, the first appointment I could get on Monday was today from 8 am to 9 am. Of course, they didn't show up. No big surprise. I call the annoying phone tree, blah blah blah and am told I never had an appointment. Of course, I didn't. I hallucinated all of this.

The guy I get sounds bright and human like and he said he can try some stuff with me -- and I haul my butt over to the TV and turn it on and BINGO all is working. It healed itself. I did try two or three times yesterday and it was still "no signal."

He told me the pink screen I am getting is the fault of the TV, of newer models, and urges me to Google "pink screen." I might do that next time it happens. But for now, all's well that ends well.

About the appointment, my guy today said he believes me that I had the appointment and said that my guy on Monday probably set it up and then never pressed the "finish" button. That makes sense. I'm just glad my TV is back.

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