Thursday, June 12, 2014

Busy Thursday

I'm exhausted. Marilyn came today so I was busy with her. Then Steve the PT guy came and we went outside, down the steps, down the block and back. Just to make it more of a challenge, the super had just hosed down the steps and railing so it was wet. Hard to grasp a wet railing, but I did. Steve characterized it as good practice for real life. He thinks I'm doing well, right on schedule, and will be back on Monday for another trip down the block.

I am trying to think of my world as concentric circles that are getting bigger. I set the building two buildings down as my goad for today

** this was a Freudian typo -- I meant "goal" but it is true I was goading myself about it...

 and Monday  I'll get to the building three buildings down. Eventually I'll make it to the corner. I have a goal of going to the pizza place on the corner by myself for lunch.

Then the nurse practitioner came so I could renew my prescriptions. I really like this man. He took me off two prescriptions and one over the counter one (zinc something for wound care) which I was still taking. He thought I was doing well too -- heart, lungs, blood pressure (120 over 70), breathing, etc.

I have to say my legs hurt and I am tired, but I am trying to pay attention to incremental improvements. For example, last night I got up to close the garden door because it was getting chilly and I stepped outside for a few minutes -- spontaneously  -- which is a big deal... no planning it or worrying I'd get stuck out there or whatever.

So I'm getting there in baby steps.

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Melissa said...

You are such an inspiration! Even in rehab! Keep it up! (No pressure :).