Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Slow Drain

Now that the water is turned on, I turned my attention to another home problem -- the shower/tub that I'm using has a very slow drain -- ankle-deep water by the end of the shower.

The same thing had happened a number of years ago in my other bathroom and after repeated, semi-monthly drano treatments that went on for too long, I finally paid someone to snake the drain and I haven't had a problem since.

So I go to Craigslist, find the drain snakers -- oh good, this is easy -- here's one -- $49.50 and he says in his ad that he is always on time and the work is guaranteed so I call him and get a voice mail saying his mail box is full. OK.

On to the next ad, sounds good, a bit cheaper, but there is absolutely no contact info -- no phone, no email, no automatic craigslist response.

How bright can you be if you run an ad with no means of responding? Guess I'll wait for the first guy to empty his mailbox.


Mary said...

Fwiw the super said he would do it so long as he got paid, whatever that meant

Barbara said...

We had a slow shower drain for years and years, and finally solved the problem with a product called "Hair Clog Blaster" -- it is a globby gooey stuff that you put down the drain, and 15 minutes later VOILA! Rather than waiting for those plumbers to call back, it might be worth a try.