Saturday, June 21, 2014

Spending Spree

Today I went to Amazon and bought a few things I needed -- a new Sonicare - I kept hoping mine would somehow heal itself, but no go; extra brushheads; a travel case for it - then a toaster and then I bought a fanny pack thinking when I go to Oshkosh if I use a cane, it would be easier to have a fanny pack than have a purse slipping off my shoulder.

It was a lovely sunny Summer Solstice day -- sunny and cool. I worked through my pile of papers that I can't seem to not accumulate -- and actually found a check I hadn't cashed. It was only $200, but hell, that's $200 I didn't have.

I was telling Mary I am in dire need of a beauty makeover. My eyebrows now resemble Andy Rooney's -- Ok, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but I am thinking I will feel better once I am better groomed. So I'll tackle all that this coming week.


Barbara said...

Between the fanny pack and the eyebrows, you are going to look like me!

Pat said...

well, you were my inspiration for the fanny pack. We;ll start a nerd fashion trend!

Barbara said...

Fanny packs and weirwolf eyebrows? Not sure who would follow such a trend! I guess you never know. Did I tell you that 2 of my students last term told me they loved my fanny pack because it was so "retro"?