Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thursday Goings On

I realized this morning when I got in the shower that I did it in a much more fluid way -- not that I struggled to get in before, but it was more of a plodding, deliberate activity. I am trying to be aware of little improvements like this as it's discouraging sometimes to feel as if I'm not making quick enough progress.

I also had my hair cut today. This is a young woman who comes to my house. She is studying accounting and has a day job in a tanning salon doing spray tans which she loves. For some reason she loves doing the spray tans. It's $70, plus tip ($15 to $20) and it lasts five to seven days. Near the end of the five to seven days, you start flaking. Glad this is something I don't do.

Of course, salacious me had to ask if people are nude or wear something. She says most people do nude -- it's half men/half women... so I said, "So you've seen a lot of men's junk, huh?" and she said "oh yeah" and I said, "Well, how is it?" and she said the gay men go nude and the straight men keep on their tighty whiteys.

I further learned that people are not modest, meaning shy about their nudity, except for women who are doing it for the first time.

At this tanning place, you tip by putting it in an envelope and she said some people are really cheap with the tips, including one who tipped her two single dollars plus change. I said if you can't afford the appropriate tip, you shouldn't do it. You also put your name on the envelope so you know who gave you what. She does the tanning contnuously all day, in 15-minute intervals so it pays well. Tips plus a base hourly salary.

Marilyn came this morning and I sent another box of books off to Brookhaven -- am really trying to cull down my books again and the woman who ran the "recreation" department really was trying to build a library.

And my new toaster and new Sonicare arrived... what a whirlwind day!

Meanwhile, Melissa is driving through Iowa, admiring the wind farms and has sent along this photo of them:

She writes: Driving through Iowa today... Not sure why, but I always think wind farms are so beautiful.. It's very green in the Midwest due to all the rain.. Makes it even prettier!


mary said...

So how do you like your hair?

Pat said...

I love how short it is and there's some indescribable feeling of freedom and renewal -- like I'm a plant that all the dead stuff was cut off from.