Monday, June 16, 2014

PT Monday

Had PT at 10:30 this morning. We went outside, down the steps, down three buildings and back. My goal is to go a little farther each time. Steve comes back on Wednesday and I may try to make it all the way to the funeral home.

It was a gorgeous day today -- is supposed to get hotter and more humid tomorrow.


Melissa said...

Great job! Maybe your goal should be to get to Gracie's :). (Isn't that the diner on the corner?)
Keep up the slow steady progress!

Anonymous said...

On your corner is a pizza place right? If I remember correctly, it was a chinese restaurant that had a fire and then was empty for many years. I had heard that Gracie's moved to 2nd ave. where Viand used to be. Is that correct? Such changes.

You are doing great! Keep up the good work my friend.

Anonymous said...

I keep forgetting, I have to identify myself asanonymous. The above comment is of course...Stephanie

Pat said...

From what I make out, Gracie's bought Viand. Gracie's is still there on First Avenue and Viand is now called "Gracie's on Second." I haven't tried Gracie's on Second yet.

As for making it to Gracies, yes that would be a good goal. Let me get to the funeral place first, then the pizza place, then Gracie's. Hmmmm... Blueberry pie at Gracie's. That's a big motivator.

Barbara said...

Having a funeral home as a goal seems so depressing. How about the great cookie place? Now THAT would motivate me!