Saturday, June 7, 2014


On Thursday night, flipping around, I came to the very beginning of "All the President's Men" and I decided to watch it. Hadn't seen it in a number of years. What struck me this time, moreso than in the past, was how technology is so different. When Woodward and Bernstein came upon a new name, they'd have to ask around to see who knew the person. I just wonder how much easier it would have been if they could just Google the name and what information they would have/could have gotten from the Internet.

It was weird to see dial phones, typewriters, no computers, no cellphones, etc. At the time this was happening in real life, I was working across the street from the Washington Post building. It's still a great movie, a great plot, well worth watching every few years.

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mary said...

I love that movie and you're right about technology