Tuesday, May 19, 2015


God only knows when the last time I shaved my legs was -- and they've gotten to the point that I either take a part time job as Sasquatch or shave them... I have hesitated because of the blood thinner I'm on in case I cut myself. Just a small cut takes a long time to stop bleeding.

Ok, and I didn't want to do Nair/depilatory because it usually doesn't work well for the first time and I can't stand the smell, although maybe that's been improved.

So last night I bought an women's electric razor -- you can use it wet or dry -- from Panasonic via Amazon. Spent $18 and I'll be interested in how it works. The reviews gave it four stars and most of the commenters said they preferred to use it on dry legs.

Anybody have any experience with electric razors?

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Mary said...

I used one years ago and it was fine although I felt I had to shave more often.