Monday, May 25, 2015

Changing Times

I was telling Brad this morning about the Gettysburg photo... and he mentioned that on vacation in Costa Rica the hotel had three phone booths in the lobby which were actually house phones. One of his sons was fascinated, had never seen a phone booth in real life, sat in it and Brad said to pick up the phone and pretend he was making a call and Brad would photograph him. The kid did that, but quickly hung up. Why? The phone was making "a funny sound" -- Brad asked him to make the sound and it turned out to be a dial tone. The kid had never heard a dial tone!

Later in the conversation, he mentioned his wife had to go to Hong Kong for work, what a long flight, etc. and Brad said, "She sent me a selfie from the airplane." That's something we totally take for granted... that somewhere over the Pacific, you can take a photo of yourself and send it instantly to your husband. Now, THAT's a change.

For totally accuracy, he said, "She sent me a selfie of herself" and I pointed out that just may be redundant!

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