Monday, May 25, 2015

"Make a Mess"

There's a current commercial on that annoys the heck out of me. (Barbara claims I'm going to die from annoying myself to death...)

But it's a mother and father sitting on either side of this kid in a high chair. Just remembered it is for Tide. And the father says something like "you make a mess" to the kid and the kid repeats it whereby all three of them start chanting loudly "make a mess, make a mess" and it so reminds me of parents who are oblivious to people around them when entertaining their offspring and do so loudly.

Barbara can correct the details on this if I got them wrong, but the sense of it is accuate. She was out in a nice restaurant, trying to enjoy herself, and she had her back to this couple with their kid and the kid would repeatedly let out this squealing sound.

Barbara finally turned around to give them the evil eye when she realized that they were intentionally making the kid squeal by doing a "peek a boo" type thing.

So Barbara asks nicely if maybe they could cease and desist whereby the parents angrily turned on her.

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