Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Good Time Was Had By All

Yes, you can fit 12 people with food into my living room. We did it tonight. First there were seven people for dinner -- Chinese food, followed by wonderful carrot cake and assorted cupcakes that Barb brought. I was super-organized so no one had to ask where are the serving spoons or whatever. I really kept it simple.

So it was Mary, me, Barb, Michelle, Tom, Corinna and Joanie (I just met Joanie tonight). They were here for dinner... then Mary Elizabeth and Scott and my nieces and nephews arrived for dessert. Good food. Good conversation. My apartment is totally cleaned up, including all garbage and recylcing taken out. I gave the leftovers (including the cupcakes -- I don't really need to eat four cupcakes!) to my sister and her family. Louisa, my niece who is in 8th grade, was my great helper. I can't even say helper --- she went around picking up stray glasses and generally cleaning up all those little things and I appreciate it.

We had great conversation -- talking about historical events we remember, childhood memories that seem like ancient times now... talked about ghosts, heard all about Louisa and Clark's 8th grade class trip to DC (including that their hotel rooms were taped from the outside so the chaperones would know if a kid left the room). Wow. They were also supposed to go to a fort in Baltimore, but couldn't because of the unrest. Clark declared the trip a victory when he said calmly, "No one was arrested." Of course, they are good kids, well-behaved lovely kids and I so love hearing their perspective on things.

Michelle had met my sister back in my college days when she was six...and she brought presents for the children. Bracelets for the girls and an Austin, TX t-shirt for Clark which he put on after everyone left.

So here are the pictures:

This is Joanie, who I met for the first time tonight, and Corinna who I've met before at Meredith's wedding. They are from Austin where Michelle and Tom live. 

The is Barb, who worked with Tom and Mary years (and years) ago and now lives in NYC. She brought the carrot cake and cupcakes.

Whenever a question arose, Tom (Michelle's husband) would find the answer on line.

Lto R:Mary, the birthday girl; Louisa, Clark

Charlotte being a teen checking her phone.

The hostess of the evening.

Michelle and Mary


Mary said...

It really was fun. And the food was yummy.

Barb said...

It was a great get, drink, and most of all the company and conversation. Boopers was disappointed she was not there.

Melissa said...

Sounds and looks like it was a great time! My mouth was watering for that carrot cake!