Monday, May 18, 2015

If I had a temper...

I would have no electronic devices left. My computer would have been thrown against the wall a dozen times when out of the blue it decides to do something odd. I still don't get how I can turn my computer off, correctly, at night and in the morning the gremlins have taken over, albeit temporarily.

Same thing with my TV. Last night, out of nowhere, I couldn't change channels. Turned it off (hey, that works with the computer) and then couldn't get both the cable box and the TV in synch with both remote controls. Rebooted the cable. Screwed around, knowing that by accident, I'd get the right combination. It's maddening and I mean sincerely my foot would have gone through the effing screen if I had a temper. Eventually I got the right combo, and it's almost like the normal TV programming mocks me... what was the big deal? See? I'm working, it seems to say.

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