Friday, May 22, 2015

Scam Warning from Fran

I haven't heard of this scam, so if it happens, here's what to look for via Fran.

She writes:

Beware the fake Microsoft blue screen of death-- it popped up on my laptop the other day when I was talking with Pat. SEE LINK AT END
There was something bogus about it. I have seen REAL blue screens of death, which fill the entire screen and has dot matrix typeface signaling The End is Near. Or Here. 
This fake Microsoft warning appears as a web page and is superimposed in whatever files you have open.
It asks you to call Microsoft tech immediately and not turn off your computer or risk loss of your data. Also goofy is that text of the warning actually bears the words "Blue screen of death" as well as the acronym BSOD. Really? 
As Pat said, "Microsoft couldn't give a #@!"" Or originate this type of  message. 
FYI This fake window will not close. Superimposed on it:  odd tech-sounding warnings like, "your twerp-exec drive is not running....    Ignore them.
I tried a quick security scan while BSOD was uo and there were no problems. Then I turned off the computer. Started up again  and  ran Kaspersky "critical" areas and "vulnerability" scans and there were no threats. Guess there would have been if I called the fake tech folks folks and had them "fix" my computer.
Should the Micrisoft BSOD screen appear,turn off your computer and reboot. Should be fine. 
These scammer creeps know how to alarm you.  Oh noooi a BSOD..    a virus! My data will be lost! A very special place in hell is reserves for them.

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