Friday, May 29, 2015

Never refrigerate...

I got hooked on a headline that said "foods you should never refrigerate..." and here they are, with my comments:

potatoes - never would
honey - never would
tomatoes - never would
apples -- always do because I like them cold
peanut butter - never would
bread -- we've had this discussion, and I still don't refrigerate it
bananas - never would
avocados -- rarely buy them, but I wouldn't put in refrig
peppers - always do (they mean like a green bell pepper)
winter squash - never would
citrus fruit - always would so it's cold
berries - always would
stone fruite - always would
pickles - always would
garlic - don't typically buy it
hot sauce - don't typically buy it
coffee - never would
soy sauce - never would
some salad dressings like oil and vinegar -- always would
nuts - never would
dried fruit - don't buy it but I wouldn't put it in refrig
herbs - always would
maple syrup -- nope
cereal - nope
vacuum packed tuna - don't buy it

and you?


Mary said...

I read you nuts can go rancid, and bread will get moldy fast in the fridge, but I think if you're going to keep them for awhile they should be frozen.

Barbara said...

Most of the list I don't refrigerate; my exceptions are potatoes, apples, peppers, citrus fruit, berries, pickles, and soy sauce. I will re-think some of these in future. I do take potatoes & peppers out of the fridge early in the day to bring them to room temp before cooking them though. Like you I enjoy eating cold apples and oranges.