Saturday, May 9, 2015

Get Weary with Ignorance

Just read another news story about someone denied access to a business because of a service animal. This time it is a veteran who has a bunch of disabilities and had her service dog with her as she went into a hair salon. They wouldn't let her bring the dog in, kept saying "no pets" and this woman kept saying she is not a pet, she is a service animal. She had papers even with her to show it was valid. She told them about the Americans with Disabilities Act and they just would not listed. No pets allowed.

So she went to another place which happily took her, and now she has filed an ADA suit against the first place. I sympathize with the legal burden small businesses can face, but I also think it is incumbent on that business to understand the laws. For God's sakes, have they never heard about a seeing eye dog? This woman was not visually impaired -- maybe that confused them... but it sounds like they were obnoxious about it. The dog was even wearing a coat indicating it was a service animal.

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