Thursday, July 3, 2014

Zanzibar? Yes, Zanzibar!

Meredith and Dave are on vacation in Zanzibar. I know it's in Africa, but I had to check a map. As it turns out, it's a group of islands off the coast of Tanzania (on the East Coast of Africa)

Here's what Meredith says (SA is South Africa where they live):

We'll be enjoying the 4th in Zanzibar. Having a great trip so far. Got to Stone Town on Sunday night, spent Monday wondering the tiny side streets and had a nice meal. Tuesday we came out to the beach. We're staying at a small hotel run by an Italian couple. We're definitely well fed - breakfast, morning, afternoon, and evening snacks and a 4 course dinner are all included. Some of the food has been a bit hit or miss, but a lot very good. We've just been enjoying the beach, reading, and swimming. Tomorrow were going snorkeling. We head back to SA Saturday.

and here on some pictures,  and the man is Dave, Meredith's husband.

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