Friday, July 25, 2014

One Leg (trip, not body part) Down

Here I am in Clearfield, Pennsylvania, where it's in the low 60s. My day started with a bit of sticker shock -- I am pretty much used to New York prices, but the last time I parked a car overnight on my block was probably more than 10 years ago and it was about $20. That's what I was expecting to pay.

Got out, got my giant suitcase, cane, totebag and myself down my front steps and to the parking garage. I handed the guy the ticket/receipt and he said "47." I said, "What?" and he said, "47" again -- I thought he was telling me what space my car was in or something... so he said "47" again and I said, "47 what?" and he said, "dollars."

Oh man! Forty-seven dollars to park a car from about 2:30 pm until 10 am. Plus tip. Oh well. I won't be doing that again any time soon -- but it was still a good system and worked well.

Uneventful trip, beautiful day, my car turned out to have satellite radio so I hope that lasts for the whole trip.

I am in a Super 8 which is the exception to the rule. I am only paying $60 (had read loads of customer reviews.) This place is clean, smells clean, feels clean, smells new -- new bedding, big screen tv, microwave and fridge, desk, coffee, everything... even nice little bathroom amenities. The woman at the front desk couldn't have been nicer.

So on with the photos:

I'm on Route 80 from the George Washington Bridge to Chicago. Makes navigation easy.

The view from my (king size) bed

OK, for sixty bucks, I can't expect much of a view out my window!

This is a hotel key that I've never seen before. It's electronic and you stick the key in the slot, a green light comes on and you open the door. The drawback is that it's very small and I had knocked it on the floor on the dark carpet and had a heck of a time finding it.

Dinner! I had lasagna and salad delivered. I chose plain old oil and vinegar dressing which I hadn't had in ages and I forgot how much I liked it. I picked out most of the onions -- not a fan of raw onions -- and also the "hot peppers" -- I thought they might be like banana peppers which I like but I nibbled on one and it is HOT! Great, fresh salad. It also came with bread and butter and I wasn't going to eat the bread because it didn't look that good, but when I picked it up, it was warm and soft, and I thought of Fran (who is also warm and soft...) No, that's not the reason -- we are Italian bread afficianados and I thought Fran would love this bread.

And here's the lasagna... It was a bit soupy, but had great flavor... so now I had reverse sticker shock. The lasagna came with the bread (that whole mini-loaf), butter (two big pats) and the salad. Price delivered to my room? $6.95. I don't think I'm in Manhattan any more. Delivery minimum was $7.00 and I ordered a drink. I think I got my moneysworth.

So tomorrow it's on to Elkhart, Indiana. Oh, I have to add that I'm feeling fine, had no trouble walking, driving, sitting, lugging the suitcase... I admit my coming down the steps of my building was not a pretty sight, but I did it.


Anonymous said...

I am a cheese freak. I would just love the melted cheese from the top of that lasagna.

Safe trip.....

Melissa said...

Great day, and you should be proud of yourself!! Going to Oshkosh was a goal and I remember when you thought you would have to have someone go with you...and here you are getting there all by yourself!! Hope Day 2 goes as well!