Monday, July 14, 2014

Comic Books

My sister and I were avid readers of comic books growing up -- and no, we never held on to any of them. I was reminded of our reading when I saw today that Archie comics are going to come to an end -- and Archie gets killed (no, I am not making this up) defending a gay character. Wow, things have changed from the malt shop days.

I always like Betty more than Veronica, didn't like Reggie at all, and was fascinated by Jughead's hat. Here they all are:

    I know we had no African-American characters -- wonder when Nancy and Chuck were introduced. I remember Moose and Midge - don't remember Ethel at all.

In addition, I liked Richie Rich, Little Dot, Little Lotta (who would be so politically incorrect today as I think the whole point of the comic was how much she ate), Nancy and Sluggo... then as I got older, I was a Superman/Superboy/Supergirl fan big time. Never a Batman or any other superhero fan.

I remember comics were 10 cents and the "annuals" which were actually more like "quarterlies" were 25 cents. What my sister and I would do is scrounge up a dollar... and we'd buy nine comic books for 10 cents each and then buy two Sugar Daddies for five cents each. Luckily we had the same taste in reading (and candy.) Today I would love to eat a Sugar Daddy, but I'm afraid half my dental work would come out. I remember in the summer, Sugar Daddies would get nice and soft. To have nine comics and a Sugar Daddy was my version of Heaven.

So RIP Archie!


Barbara said...

No wonder we are friends, I had much the same taste in childhood. I remember the same Archie characters as you. I also liked Nancy & Sluggo and Richie Rich, and I think I remember Little Dot and Little Lotta. I never was into Superpeople, but I loved Sugar and Spike, which was about two smart babies. As I read your last paragraph, I found myself craving a Sugar Daddy ... probably the last one I had was in 1967!

Melissa said...

I'm just envious of you and Barbara because you remember so much about your childhood! I remember hardly anything (and of course I've been told here are reasons for this!)... But nonetheless, it is what it is, and I don't really think it's in the vault :).

Amy Laboda said...

A neighbor kid named Choo Choo used to try and re-sell his used comic books door-to-door. He was funny because we were all girls except my baby brother and he'd try so hard to sell us these decidedly boy comics. We never bit--well, that's what I remember. He may have had other reasons for hanging around!