Friday, July 4, 2014

Rainy Fourth

Not a sunny Fourth of July -- rainy, overcast and in the 60s. I believe we'll have a sunny weekend, thought. Right now, the people who have the garden next to mine are grilling steaks and I'm drooling, sort of rehearsing if it would be too crude to stick my head out and comment about how good the meat smells while looking hungry and pathetic.

Yesterday, I went out on the street with Steve for PT and the new accomplishment is that he wanted to see if I could cross the street in the time the light gives you and I can. I wasn't that worried about it. Two more visits and then I graduate.

After finishing my cannibal/primitive art/Michael Rockefeller book, I was going to read something lighter, but before I could select another book, I picked up one I had just gotten through Book of the Month Club... and I sort of half to laugh that I went from cannibalism to serial killer.

Here's the book:

It's about a normal guy who always knew he was adopted, had a happy, productive life and then his bio-mom contacts him. He meets her and they develop a relationship and then he asks about his bio-dad. She was 14 when she gave birth to him and he was older and the marriage got annulled and so she didn't know that much about him -- but he decides he wants to investigate.

So far, it's just this fascinating family saga where the author (the adopted boy, now man) goes back four generations in his father's life. Then there's the whole story of his bio mom and bio dad together. I haven't gotten to the serial killer part yet, but I have to say it's so interesting, very well-written, so I'll keep at it and read a lighter one next time.

Happy Fourth to all.

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