Sunday, July 20, 2014

Loose Ends

I've been trying to tie up some loose ends in advance of my leaving for Oshkosh on Friday. Of course, it's always something. I had taken five or six doctors' bills where I owed $100 to $200 on them and put them on a back up credit card -- one I don't use thinking that I could pay them all without feeling strapped and then just pay off the card.

Got a notice yesterday that on one of them, my credit card was declined so I am supposed to call. I hate when I'm (unfairly) characterized as a deadbeat. I don't know what went wrong -- maybe I wrote the account number wrong.

I finally shaved my legs which was so overdue as to be pitiful. Now I look like a girl again.

Then I spent about 45 minutes totally going over a client's final version of a news release, making sure every space, every hyphen, every capital letter was correct and consistent... and then... god only knows what I was thinking, I clicked on "don't save." OMG, I love the feature where you can retrieve a file like that so it had a happy ending.

It continues to be fall like here -- mid 70s -- nothing much going on.

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