Monday, July 28, 2014

Dinner with Brad

Brad had this idea that he would go to Cracker Barrel and get us each chicken fried steak and we would take it out and eat it in the breakfast area of the hotel (we're at the same hotel). Well, much to our surpirse, there is no Cracker Barrel in the area which really stunned us.

So Alternate Plan B was to go to the pie place -- Shreiner's -- and I was already back at the hotel and Brad called me to tell me to place an order and he'd pick it up. Well, I didn't know what he wanted or even what kind of salad dressing he likes even though we've talked multiple times a day for years this is only the third time we've ever eaten a meal together.

I ordered one meat loaf dinner and one fried chicken dinner. I knew he wanted mashed and corn since that's what he wanted if we had chicken fried steak. I ordered one blue cheese and one ranch, thinking I'd be happy with either.

Then... PIE!!  I ordered one rhubarb custard and one walnut -- we got drinks from the vending machines and had quite a feast. He took the blue cheese and we split the meat loaf and chicken in half so we each had both. Same with the pie.

Meat loaf dinner -- really good and homemade tasting

Fried chicken with chicken gravy on the mashed potatoes. This was really good.

This is the side salad -- Note the rolls... they were light and fluffy and yeasty and wonderful.

This tasted way better than it looked. This is the rhubarb custard and we each had half. Neither of us had eaten rhubarb in years, and it really was good.

And the walnut pie -- just like pecan pie -- really good. I loved that I got a half piece of two kinds as I don't know which I would have picked.

And here's Brad, my lovely dinner date... we had a great dinner together.


Barbara said...

I'll have the rhubarb pie, please.

Pat said...

That really was good.