Sunday, July 27, 2014

Made it to Oshkosh

Weird weather all day -- from gorgeous and sunny to thunderstorms and back to sunny -- even one of those periods where it's raining in full sunshine. Anyway, I made it.

I had sent a box of stuff ahead and I am so used to chasing the box, the hotel denying they got it, searching, searching -- and today when I gave my name at the front desk, they told me that the box arrived and it's already in my room which was nice.

Here are some pictures:

I slept like a log; didn't open my eyes until 9 am and felt I should hurry. Was in the car by 10, and forgot that I gain an hour from Eastern to Central time.

Stopped for gas... you can see my car pass in the lower left already in place and ready.

Around Chicago, it is constant tolls.

More tolls....

And more....

Heading into the storm

Some really beautiful cloud formations

Here's Chicago's skyline. I believe the tallest building is the Sears Tower.

More tolls.

Getting close -- first sign for Wisconsin.
Checked into the hotel, got my credentials, called Stancie who came out and talked for a while. She and Mac have been here since Wednesday.

Then it was time for a very late lunch/early dinner... headed to Culver's. This flavor of the day sounded good... it would have been perfect if it were cashews instead of pecans so I skipped it.

So I headed to the other one and this flavor didn't appeal to me so I just went with plain vanilla.

I noted at the drive thru that you can also order pints -- they do have caramel cashew... I think that would be my first choice, followed by Peanut Butter Cup.

tomorrow: work begins

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Melissa said...

Yay! You made it girlfriend!! Hope the work week goes well!