Sunday, October 11, 2015

Two Leftovers from Yesterday

I mentioned I asked Louisa to take some photos of the cats, and at one point she called out, "I can't find Holly." And Charlotte called back, "Open the freezer drawer." And I looked at her wide-eyed. I thought she meant that the cat was in the freezer... but she meant that, for some reason, Holly comes running when the freezer drawer gets opened. We laughed at that, but no luck. No Holly.

I am having my 50th high school reunion (groan, groan, creak, creak) in June 2017 and the high school invited my class (go Class of 67!) to the graduation ceremony that year. My first response was that I didn't want to be part of some old folks contingent where people would look and murmur, "Oh look, some of the can still walk." We can all wear drool bibs.

But then I realized that Charlotte, who goes to the same high school I did, will be graduating in 2017 so I would likely go to the ceremony anyway. I told Charlotte this yesterday and said, "Maybe we could go up together and get your diploma." She looked at me with that "you're kidding, right?" look. I said that I could yell out, "Hello everybody! I'm Charlotte's Aunt Pat!!" and then she knew I was kidding and I got an eye roll.

Oh, and believe it or not, we have two teachers who are still alive who may come to the reunion.

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