Saturday, October 10, 2015

Trip to Long Island

Today I went out to my sister's home for a birthday celebration. I hired a car service and here is my driver, this lovely Sikh man, with a beard way down his chest.

I hadn't noticed this sign at first even though I was staring right at it... but it made me laugh ... the caution about assaulting the driver. In all my cab rides, I don't think I ever even came close to assaulting the driver... I honestly have to say that in my entire time taking cabs and car services the drivers have generally been a really good bunch.

OK, so this is a very pet friendly home... here's Charlie the dog napping on the sofa with his head on a pillow, lying between my sister and her husband, without a care in the world:

This is Louisa who was reading the Chinese take out menu to us from her laptop, and the later taking a nap. It was a cool fall day and I have to say a good day to snuggle down for an afternoon nap.

Note the "beach house" sticker. That is her favorite musical group. Of course I'd never heard of them, but Dad had driven Louisa and Charlotte several hours upstate to see a beach house concert.

And this is Clark, who reminds me so much of my brother at his age. Their sense of humor -- dry, quiet -- is identical.

And this is Carlotte ordering the Chinese food.

This is my birthday cake which Scott (my b-i-l) made from scratch. He actually replicated my Medicare card. Gee, thanks a lot. I thought the candles looked more like 85 than 65 so I felt young. Very clever and delicious cake. 

Louisa at dinner
Me and all three kids

I asked Louisa to take some photos of the two cats so I could post them. What follows is Oliver. Holly, the girl cat, was nowhere to be seen.

For a present, the family gave me a photo from 1974, in a frame, of my mother, father, all three siblings and my grandmother. I don't remember the occasion -- we're standing outside of our house and it's apparently summer. I do remember the dress I was wearing as I loved that dress! So it is a wonderful gift.

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