Friday, October 9, 2015

Birthday Lunch

My third birthday lunch in a row -- this time with Barbara. We ordered from a place called Hale & Hearty which has delicious soups and sandwiches. She had a chicken noodle (Ok, it had a fancier name, but that's what it was) and I had tomato/rice/basil. For a sandwich, I had black forest ham and swiss on 7-grain bread with lettuce and some kind of fancy mayo and she had fresh mozzarella/tomato and something else on ciabatta bread.

Here's Barbara:

And then, she brought birthday cream puffs. This is a weird thing, but there's some Japanese connection with cream puffs. Stephanie will remember there was a place in our neighborhood that was Japanese and sold cream puffs that they would call choux... French for cabbage. That place closed, but they were good.

Barbara found these cream puffs on the West Side and they were absolutely fabulous, rich and creamy, sweet pastry puff!

This is the bag the cream puffs came in... and here is my lovely little cream puff which I ate in about three bites:

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