Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Money, Money, Money, Money

One good money story; one bad money story.

First the bad. I received in the mail a catalog from a pecan farm that sold pecans and other nuts and I thought what a nice idea it would be for me to send some pecans or other nuts to my sister and her family in advance of my arrival for Thanksgiving.

So I'm paging through the catalog and I'm stunned by the prices. A tin (sort of the size of a pie tin; maybe 2 inches tall) of pecans was $50. Thinking I was in the high-price nut section, I kept turning the pages only to see equal and higher prices. Who knew nuts were that expensive? Also, the catalog was selling a pecan pie, one of my favorites, with a $50 price tag. I don't think a New York City bakery would charge that much.

So that catalog went into the recycling bin and maybe something else will come my way.

On the plus side, though, Marilyn came today and I had a coupon from the drug store that if I spent $25, I'd get $5 off. This was all from "earning points" and the coupon has a short live span and I was determined to get my five bucks off.

I made a list which I thought would total $25, but Marilyn found additional bargains. For some unknown reason (and Marilyn told me she thought it was mismarked), a large tube of Aim toothpaste was a dollar so she bought two. She also bought Tide laundry pods, dryer sheets (for a buy one, get one free), antacids and a deodorant. Total was $25.66. I think that's pretty good. I love admiring my receipts and seeing the great deal.


Barbara said...

I think Fairway has the best prices on nuts in the city. And they are also always fresh.

Pies can be expensive -- if shipping is included, $50 doesn't seem that out of line to me. I'm used to spending about $30 for a homemade pie in the city, mid-to-high twenties upstate. I'd recommend Little Pie Company in my old neighborhood on 43rd near 9th Ave for incredibly delicious pies. Their website says they have a Southern Pecan Pie at $32 for a 10-inch pie -- of course shipping would be extra unless you want to send Marilyn... If you wanted any pie during Thanksgiving week, make sure to call and order ahead because they do always require special ordering around Thanksgiving.

Pat said...

I need to update my prices in a lot of areas... what? a Large coke is no longer 25 cents? It's still tough for me to think a store-bought pie is $32 or $50.