Thursday, October 15, 2015

Reading Terminal Market

Mary is in Philadelphia with her sister and they went to the Reading (Pennsylvania) Terminal Market for a late breakfast. Mary says, "We walked around and stopped at the Reading Terminal market for a late breakfast. It's like a super sized Eastern Market. Had great eggs and ham and fresh orange juice at an Amish market inside."

Mary later corrected and said it was a "Dutch" market, not Amish. Anyway, I love places like this -- the sights, the smells, the hub bub.
How can you go wrong at a "Dutch Eating Place?"

That's Judy checking out the menu.

Can't you smell that yeasty goodness?? Give me a loaf, some butter and soup and I'll sit down and be quiet!
Here's a menu where I'd be hard-pressed to choose only one! I like that REAL mashed potatoes is listed twice. Hadn't seen those ketchup/mustard squirters in a long time!

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