Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Back to the Reading Terminal Market

Mary and Judy returned to the Reading Market like moths to the flame.

She says, "Very crowded for lunch but the layout keeps you moving. Here's an old picture of the market,,,Then we stopped at an Italian bakery and thought Fran might enjoy seeing some of their delicacies. Actually, Fran, you would love this place. Lots of Italian markets and the smells were wonderful. Wish I could bring a big plate of something  home on the train."

Ewwy Gooey cakes never appealed to me -- I was never the one to ask for the rose on the birthday cake slice... Of these three things, I would take whatever cookie/biscuit thing on the right -- could that be cinnamon? then whatever the nut patty thing is and then the cupcakes.

I've never seen these -- have mixed feelings about the concept of clove cookies, but I do like the idea of a dryer cookie with great coffee.


Mary said...

The pastry that looks like a cinnamon roll is a light puff pastry. It looked really lovely. I bought one if the macadamia nuts things and it's solid chocolate with nuts embedded.

Pat said...

yeah, i could do that

Fran said...

Bring a big food sampler home and nobody gets hurt.