Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Whale of Wilmington, Delaware

Mary sent me this during the week when she was riding on the train back home. It's a mural of a whale, and one I've seen a lot. It always makes me wonder why? Why a whale? and Why on that building? Wilmington is not on the ocean... nonetheless it gives you something to look at that is out of the ordinary.

What the hell did we do before the Internet? Just out of curiosity, I googled "whale mural wilmington" and found out that this is one of 100 whale murals by the same artist... according to Wikipedia:

This is a list of Whaling Walls, which are large outdoor murals by the artist Robert Wyland, featuring images of life-size gray whales, breaching humpback whales, blue whales, and other sea life. Whaling Walls are created by invitation of the communities, institutions, and building owners of the structures on which they are painted. The one hundredth and final Whaling Wall was painted in Beijing in 2008.

And then there's a list of each mural, including, of course, Wilmington. You can see the list here:

And now, as Paul Harvey (remember him?) used to say, you know the REST of the story.

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Melissa said...

Hum my interesting indeed! Yes I remember Paul Harvey.