Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thursday Lunch

Had lunch with the other Barb today whose birthday is one day after mine. We celebrated with bagel sandwiches... well, I had a bagel sandwich and Barb got herself chopped chicken liver and a bagel and did her own thing. She also bought some cole slaw and health salad, both of which were so good and so fresh.

She also brought a mini-cheesecake for our birthday. I had no birthday candles for us, so we used queen-sized birthday candles and each made a wish and blew out one candle.

The cheesecake (size of a cupcake) and a strawberry.

I did learn that there *is* such a thing as a free lunch. Not only did Barb pay for lunch, but she had packed her own bag, picking up the items on the counter and putting them into a plastic shopping bag. When she got to my place... WHOOPS... not only did she take all of *our* stuff, she accidentally took somebody else's sandwich which was also sitting on the counter. So I made out like a bandit ... free lunch and an extra sandwich for a later meal.

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Mary said...

Happy birthday to you both!