Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Today was my first day of actually being in attendance at the show. Got up at 5:30 to be on the field by 7. As I said to Fran, getting up early is easier now that my bathroom trips occur during the night -- no way to oversleep!

All went well, had some meetings... and saw a bunch of friends such as:

Nancy whom I worked with at Flying and now work with on another magazine.

Kelly who I also work with on a magazine.

Amy -- same deal as Nancy, worked with her at Flying, then at another magazine and now as colleagues, not as coworkers, but as friends.

David whom I've known for years and who is here with his son.

These are flowers going through the drive-thru. They look sort of like impatiens, but they're not. Really beautiful colors of blues and purples.

So I'm a cole slaw connoisseur and I love the cole slaw at Culver's. It's creamy and crunchy and fresh and cold and they put it in a separate bag from your hamburger so it stays cold.

And now for the important business: frozen custard. Where I had lunch, the flavor of the day was butter pecan, which is OK, but not a particular favorite. If you're gonna do the calories, it has to be the best. On to Culver's #2 where the flavor was Chocolate Cheesecake which held no appeal for me... so on to Culver's #3 and I found my choice.

And here it is -- Snickers Swirl which was chocolate ice cream with chunks of frozen Snickers throughout. Oh so good.


Melissa said...

LOVE your smiles in these photos! And that snicker swirl makes my mouth water! It makes me remember that it's something I miss from Kansas City where they have Culver's! We don't have them in Texas.

Pat said...

Maybe that should be your retirement job -- open a Culver's. I'll come partner with you, but we will fail as we eat the profits!