Friday, July 10, 2015

Musing on Life's Simple Pleasures

I try to live consciously and be grateful for the good things that happen and also be aware of life's little cheap thrills -- like waking up, thinking it's a workday and realizing it's the weekend.

Today something came up which I don't think I've ever articulated. A few friends and I were talking about the shameful behavior of the woman at the Patti Lupone play who was texting during the play to such an extent that Patti stopped the show and snatched the phone out of her hands (later she got it back). The audience supported her.

That event came on the heels of some other a-hole who, before a play started, went up on the stage where the scene was set (and the curtains open) and tried to charge his phone in an outlet which turned out to be fake. I simply can't imagine doing either.

So we shared various stories of rude people and their cellphones and I said that there is an intense pleasure (here comes the cheap thrill) when you're sitting in a movie theater or a live theater play and the lights dim -- and for a second you don't know if the lights are really dimming or you're imagining it -- and then the theater is dark... and people get quiet (or should) and there's such a lovely anticipation of being entertained.

As for the cellphone addicts, why don't they just stay home?

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