Saturday, July 25, 2015

Home Tomorrow

The plan calls for me to be back home around 3 pm tomorrow. I have four hours of driving, according to the directions, so I counted on 5 and Marilyn had volunteered to come meet me at my apartment so I'll give her my luggage and then return the car. It will be nice to have her and unpack the bags which is a task I hate to do. I pick and choose and cannibalize what I need.

So this little place was right near the hotel I stayed. I thought how these sort of places used to be more common, but sadly are disappearing from the US landscape. Was too early to try any... and also I will now note I had no Culver's today. I don't think they have them in Pennsylvania.

One of my secret passions is to have some sort of antique car... I know nothing about cars, but this one was cherry red and looked as if it were from the 1930s.

This is one of life's cheap thrills, when the back up for miles is on the other side of the road.

Pennsylvania has such neat rest stops along route 80. A building with vending machines and restrooms (small building) and then these shady (in the best sense of the word) picnic areas. Can't remember the last time I had a picnic, but this makes me want to have one. 

My lunch was Taco Bell and nachos...

This was wonderful. It's basically a non-alcholic Sangria slushee. It really tasted like sangria, so much so that I started worrying for a minute if there were actual alchol in it. Really good, icy, tasty. 

This is the view outside of my room. I'm on the third floor and overlook rural countryside and the empty parking lot.

Dinner was this chef's salad which was good, very fresh, but I mistook the yellow peppers at the bottom left -- thought they were banana peppers but they were jalapenos... way too hot for me. 
Wish you could smell this bread which came with the salad... it was definitely homemade, yeasty, chewy, warm. 

And my drink.

One sad thing that happened today was I came upon a horrendous accident, when the police had just arrived, ambulances weren't there yet... and I was about the fifth car back... didn't see the accident, but as I drove by, in one second, I saw a mangled... and that's the only word I could use... a mangled car with people hanging out of it... a body hangingn out of the driver's seat.  I wish I hadn't seen it. I found myself doing something I never do which was I blessed myself... made the sign of the cross on myself... it was that frightening. Of course, it makes you think of how that could have been you if I didn't stop there, or go to an ATM, or get gas, or went a tiny bit faster. I wish those people well, but I don't know how they could have survived. So terrible.

Anyway, that's it for now. Hopefully I will be home in my next installment!

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