Monday, July 6, 2015

My Mini-Makeover

Today I got my very long overdue haircut. I have to say it's pretty short, and sorta butchy, but I like it.  As Stephanie can back me up on, I have zero idea on how I want my hair. I feel as if with its thinness  my options are limited. She told me to get a picture of how I wanted my hair and I had this fantasy of showing her someone with long flowing locks... can you make me look like this??

Then I had a long overdue manicure and also facial waxing. I had done my lip and chin with Nair-style stuff, but my eyebrows had not been shaped it about six months. Maybe you've had this experience, but it's amazing how shaped eyebrows just changes the whole look of your face.

This woman came to my apartment. She goes all over, including for TVs and movies... Of course, I have to ask about celebrities and the one she named was Sandra Bullock and said she is incredibly considerate, easy to work with etc.

Tomorrow she is going to work on a Civil War movie as she knows how to do the 19th century hair that women wore... all the braids and buns. She said makeup for these movies is very difficult to do because the women have to looks as if they are wearing no makeup.

She is self-employed, of course, and I wondered about tipping. I had paid via PayPal... and I remember reading that these days the "don't tip the owner" has gone away. I was happy with her work, with her, her promptness, her caring... you could tell she really took "ownership" of her work and so the bill was $106 for haircut, manicure and lip, chin and eyebrows... and I gave her $20. She was surprised and thankful, and I was thinking it really is a tip that was a downpayment for future services... well, for future service.

I have always liked that feeling when all the dead scraggly hair is cut off. Funny how it just feels different... same with facial waxing... I always just feel "cleaner" when it's done.

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