Friday, July 24, 2015

Eastward Bound on Friday

This morning I had one of those invisible signs around my neck that says, "Please tell me your life story." Mary might be thinking, "Yes, but you encourage that" but this morning I didn't. When I lay in bed a minute before getting up, I sighed at the path in front of me... showering, dressing, finishing packing, lugging luggage out, checking out, getting fuel and then a very long drive. But I did it. I asked for help with my luggage and this woman who works in the office said she'd help me. I went out to my car and stood by the open trunk. My goal was to get on the road by 8:30 and it was about 8:10 so I was feeling good.

The woman comes out and says to me, apropos of nothing, "Why are some men as useless as tits on a bull?"


She then launches into the saga of her 71-year old boyfriend who is lazy and she does all the work and he plays computer games and they're moving and so she works all day and then packs at night and he does nothing other than one day he wiped out the empty kitchen cabinets.

I just stood there nodding and she proceeded to give me her employment history, what was wrong with this current hotel, all the politics an I could hear the clock in my mind ticking by... and I would try to say things like "Oh well, thanks for the help..." or "Well, I better get going" and those things didn't phase her. Finally she stopped and I then went to fuel up, got some breakfast and was on my way.

I got temporarily lost (well, not lost, but on the wrong highway) around Chicago where I mistook highway 290 for highway 294 but it only took about 30 minutes to get back on track. Soon it was time for lunch... early on in Indiana and I got off the first exit, and I must have been divinely guided because what was the only place in sight? Yes, Culver's! Yay, my habit continues.

Going through drive-thru:

this location had the flavor of the day on the drive-thru tv screen; CHOCOLATE ALMOND SALTED CARMEL. Oh my.,

and here it is.... goeey carmel with sliced almonds in chocolate custard

Now I'm in a Red Roof Inn in Clyde, Ohio and here is the view from my room.

Here's the room. All very nice, very clean.

Here's something that would NEVER happen in New York. I ordered two iced teas for dinner and the guy brought four... he said he gave me two extra because the "cups are small" which they really aren't. Between four iced teas (which I haven't drunk) and water pills, I might as well sleep in the bathroom!

Here's my "side salad" -- really good, fresh.

I know they are frozen, but I got fried shrimp with the restaurant's homemade potato chips and cole slaw. All really good. 
So that's it for now. Tomorrow to Eastern Pennsylvania and then home on Sunday.


Barbara said...

What might have stopped her telling you her life story, was if you gave her a dollar tip, (condescendingly of course)!

Barbara said...

Oh, and safe travels!

Pat said...

Actually I gave her $5 which she refused and then I said, Please, take it and have a beer or something... and she said, "Ok, I'll buy myself breakfast." She actually had gone to my room where my stuff was right inside my door, brought it out to the parking lot and put it in my trunk so I felt she earned it.