Thursday, July 2, 2015

Another Scam

Got a voicemail today from some man at "the Lowell Group" -- said he was calling about an unpaid invoice. My initial split-second reaction was that this company was some sort of lab/doctors group and I had somehow missed an invoice. But then he said the invoice was to get my unclaimed property. Figure the scam is that they want you to pay a finder's fee or something to get your unclaimed property. What's funny is that about a week ago, just fantasizing that somehow I'd have money out there I had forgotten about, I did a search of New York State's website about unclaimed property and, of course, I have none.

Then I googled Lowell Group and scam and it turns out that they pose as a collection agency to scam people and how you should check your credit rating just to be sure. So I went to which truly (as the ads say) is free. Well, I must pat myself on the back. I have an 817 from one company and 816 from another, 100% on time payments, etc. So I'm in good shape. I really hate these scammers.

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