Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Latest Annoyance

Today I had an appointment with my nurse-practitioner who comes to my apartment. At the end of the visit, I pay via credit card. My card, which I knew was current, was declined three times. Finally I gave him my Anex and that was fine.

When he left, I went on line and I had planned to look into my credit card situation later, but I had an email from Citibank which said there was suspicious activity... fraud alert! on my account. And it was the charge the NP was trying to make. (Somehow he uses his smartphone for accepting payment.) As I'm digesting the email, the phone rings and it's a recording saying there has been fraudulent use suspected of my card and the account was closed until it got cleared up. So I followed the instructions (press one if you are Patricia) sort of thing... and pressed that it was a valid charge.

What's irritating is that tonight was probably the fourth or fifth time I'd charged his fee on this card. So after the phone call, I went back to the email and there was a link to press if it were a valid charge so I did that too and got the message that my account was now available to use and how I should ask the "merchant" to put it through again. Too bad, he was long gone.

Part of me appreciates that Citibank is being vigilant, but, as I said, this was NOT the first time I'd used this card for this fee. Having said that, it's embarrassing to have your credit card declined. I forwarded the fraud email to the NP to show him what had happened. He replied something like these days he assumes it's some electronic glitch. Which is true, but it still irritates me.

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